Ark Journal

Ark Journal on Kopenhaagenis trükivalgust nägev arhitektuuri, disaini ja kunstiajakiri. Ajakiri ilmub aastas 2 korda ja valmib andekate disainerite, stilistide, fotograafide ja toimetajate käe läbi. Ark Journal sisaldab endas 240lk huvitavat lugemist ja ilmub 25s eri riigis.

At Ark Journal we explore the spaces around us, the objects we put in them and the people who make them. Bridging architecture, design and art, we show them as interplay rather than in silos, and with a sense of enduring Scandinavian values and aesthetics. We celebrate good ideas, honest and inventive design and materials and encourage critical debate. Each issue we visit extraordinary homes around the world that are more than the sum of their parts and that express the personal narratives of the people who live in them, their philosophies and influences. By placing architecture at the core of Ark Journal, we want to consider it in the broader context of our lives, reflecting its more humanistic side and celebrating tactility and individual dimensions.